Don't take our word for it. Hear from our happy Chiropractic Clients!

George Betts

"I have been under Dr. James' chiropractic care for about six months and have been going to chiropractors over the last 20 years due to lower back pain from pushing my car that had stalled out. Dr. James is the best chiropractor I've had. Due to his chiropractic care, I am able to go to the gym twice a week on a regular basis. Besides doing the muscle stimulation with heat and spinal adjustment, Dr. James takes the time to stretch my legs and muscles which have helped me tremendously. Also Dr. James is very professional and really cares about his patients. Thank you Dr. James for all your chiropractic help!"

Xahej Bajipura

"Three years ago, I came into Better Living Chiropractic with intense headaches and neck pain going into my shoulders and even to lower back.

His hands are like magic because after a few visits I felt like a new person. As a result of the spinal adjustments, electricity stimulation with heat therapy, passive stretching, brief soft tissue massages I have been able to resume my life pain free.

I continue to receive regular monthly maintenance chiropractic services from Dr. James so I can stay balanced and prevent back problems. He educated me on how getting regular adjustments helps remove interference to the nervous system which ultimately helps all the functions of the body, thus relieving stress to the nervous system and spine. I know now that a Healthy Back leads to a Healthier Body and ultimately the Healthiest Me!

Lastly, Dr. James is a personable, knowledgeable and gentle chiropractor as he applies holistic tools in his chiropractic practice. I take his simple suggestions on easy-to-do stretches and sleeping positions best suited for my body to maintain my mind, body and spirit.

Thank you Dr. James for always having my back by being affordable, accessible and talented! "

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William Douglas Lewis

"I was very pleased with my experience under the care of Dr. James. I can be a hard critic at times when it comes to being under a doctors care. However my experience with Dr. James, he left with me with a different attitude towards doctors.It was good to be treated with Professionalism and great care. I appreciate that Dr. James scheduled my appointments around my hours of work.  Also my visits were like dealing with a trusted family member."